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In a metaverse realm of an alternate dimension,

In the cryptic chasms of the vast unknown…

The beautiful manifestation of stiffness and presence,

Totems of phallic representations of all malekind arose…


The beings known as the MetaDicks emerged.

Through years of metaversal transcendental meditation, the artist known as the ‘Chief’ has gained the ability to channel and visualise the phallic forms of the MetaDicks.

Not all are forthcoming, some reticent and hard to visualise, whilst some palpable in their manifestation.

Charged with the responsibility to disperse depictions of the MetaDicks, the Chief has been working hard to interpret his visions- eager to present the first of the personas to our Ethereal dimension.

The MetaDicks will come in waves…


Introducing the NinjaDicks…

…the first of the MetaDick tribes to emerge! The NinjaDicks mean business, READY FOR ACTION and ARMED TO THE SHAFT with serious weaponry.

Some come DISGUISED using influences familiar to our realm. Some are MANACING yet playful and JOVIAL


The shroud has been lifted…

The first wave rises!

The MetaDick team


Creator / artist / channeller / interpreter  

NFT collector / Cypto dabbler



Crypto enthusiast


Web developer

Gym junkie

While our Chief toils and re-renders the depictions of the NinjaDicks, his team, ‘Priest’ and ‘Diceps’ have been hammering away at the dapp and smart contract. They look to the blockchain horizon in the new year.